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Why I Started this Blog

Thanks for the support

Now that it's been a few weeks since I started this blog, and I have a few posts under my belt, I wanted to slow down on my angry rants and take some time to say thank you. Thanks to those who have read, left comments, and especially my first handful of subscribers. Starting a new blog is a massive undertaking, especially considering everyone begins with such a slow start that it can quickly become discouraging. Fortunately, based on the outpour of support I've already received, the slow start toward channel growth might be a quick process!

Why I started this Blog

For those who might be new to Debunking Homeschool, my name is Tim Lieber. By now, I was supposed to be a high school social studies teacher. The wretched decay of the public school system and the insanity of my student teaching program forced me, in all good consciousness, to find an educational alternative, and I eventually stumbled into the world of Homeschooling. Soon I'll be starting my second year teaching social studies at our local homeschool co-op, which has been a fantastic experience; you can get the full story in my first video, which, because it's my channel, I guess I'll put in one of those fancy annotation thingamajiggers, here.

Anyway, why did I start this channel? Well, for a few reasons, I'll talk about the most important one at the end, so stick around!

First, I genuinely care about students and ensuring our young people receive the best education possible. Unfortunately, our public schools no longer seem to share that vision, so I want this channel to be a resource for parents and educators who have taken the education of their students into their own hands. Homeschooling has become much more prominent in the past few years, but we still need to consolidate ourselves as a community.

Many homeschool videos on YouTube mostly feature all the sweet little homeschool moms showing off their school rooms, talking about the latest curriculum, and enjoying the unique freedom the homeschool lifestyle allows.

I think that's great, and we need the sweet homeschool moms, but people also need to know they aren't alone in this journey. I have a massive background in media production and education, so making this channel is an excellent combination of both skills and allows me to bring other professionals into the conversation as our local homeschools consolidate into a more significant movement.

So with this channel, whether you have never considered homeschooling, but are sick and tired of the garbage coming out of the public school systems, if you recently started homeschooling but have a giant list of questions that need to be answered, or are feeling unsure or unconfident, or if you have successfully homeschooled all thirteen of your kids and need something entertaining to listen to in your fifteen passenger van, this channel is right for you!

How do I plan on doing all of this?

Let's get down to brass tacks. What can you expect from this channel?

My goal is to post two videos per week. Mondays, I'll post one that focuses more on the practical side of homeschooling, where I will interview and seek guidance from homeschool experts. This is where all your questions will be answered, like how do I choose curriculum? What classes does my student need to take? What laws do I need to follow? I'm so lucky to have a near-infinite amount of dedicated homeschoolers with decades of experience and advice at our co-op, and I get to share it all with you, the viewer!

Thursdays will feature more... philosophical content. I'll talk about about our education system as a whole, this includes things like the crazy stuff going on in the public schools, my dreadful experience with student teaching and the college of education, and utilizing homeschool as the solution to all the madness. The system can't beat you down if you aren't in it!

Finally, my Twitter account will feature all this great content and everything in between. I've been on for a few weeks and had an absolute blast sharing resources, and insights, supporting fellow homeschoolers, and of course, getting into a few good ol' fashioned Twitter fights! You know you've won when they block you! Be sure to follow me at DBHomeschool to join in on the fun!

Finally, build up a defense

Finally, the most important reason I started this channel. Homeschool has been blowing up in popularity lately, and that's no surprise considering how terrible and politicized things have become in the ol' United States. Our current homeschool movement is amazing, and it's the course correction our culture needs to get ourselves back on track, but a few groups of people out there do not share in my enthusiasm. I'm looking at you, AFT President Randi Weingarten.

I fear that as homeschooling begins to overtake public schools as the preferred method of education, the teacher's unions and state officials will start coming after us. Hard. It only makes sense. Schools are funded based on the number of students they have attending; in Michigan, for example, each school receives somewhere in the ballpark of $8,000 per student. If the students are no longer enrolling in public schools, they will continue to lose money. If the schools lose money, they will have to hire fewer teachers; if they get rid of teachers, the unions will no longer receive their union dues; with no union dues, how will they afford to fund the democratic party?

That's my real worry, and I'll explain in a future video how the teacher's unions essentially act as a giant funnel to give Democrats a massive amount of your tax dollars. Still, in the meantime, I want to be ready for the legal battles that will ensue if liberals decide to make homeschooling more difficult or just downright illegal. It might seem conspiratorial, but after all the crap they pulled during coronavirus, it wouldn't make me the least bit surprised if they tried to take away our rights to educate our children, safe from the decrepit failure of their government and union-run school system.

Us homeschoolers need to stick together in a vast community that puts our students on the right path to adulthood. We consider ourselves to be individualists, but that doesn't mean we have to be on this insane educational journey alone. We've got each other's backs and will defend our right to teach our kids until our last breath. The best part? We're just getting started! Look out teacher unions and you other bad actors trying to stop us; we're homeschoolers, and we won't back down!

So much for slowing down on my angry rants...


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