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Meet Tim

Tim has an immense passion for education. Teaching others conservative values, historical context, and common sense is especially motivating to him in this bizarre cultural spiral we are all finding ourselves in these days. By trusting God, his loving family, and his stubborn demeanor, he will stop at nothing to spread common sense, critical thought, and deep thinking.

My Story

I was born and raised in Michigan, where the small town values shaped my early years. Growing up in Michigan fostered a love for nature and a strong sense of community that would later influence my educational choices.

During my time in High School, I found true passion in the world of music. Immersed in the band, I honed my skills as a musician and discovered the power of teamwork and discipline. With an eye for storytelling, I pursued filmmaking at Grand Valley State University.

A few years after graduation, a calling to make a difference in young minds led me to embark on a journey towards becoming a social studies teacher. I enrolled in an education program, determined to positively impact the lives of future generations. Though my passion for teaching was strong, the harsh reality of the state of public schools shook me to my core. I witnessed unbounded mediocrity, bad attitudes, and a system that often failed to support both students and teachers alike. Not to mention the Teacher Certification Program was run exclusively by social justice warriors.

In 2022, fate guided me towards a life-changing decision. I found solace in a homeschool co-op, where a new world of educational possibilities and empowering experiences awaited. The homeschooling environment, with its flexibility and tailored approach, opened my eyes to the immense benefits of educating outside the system.
Inspired by my newfound passion, I embraced the homeschooling community wholeheartedly. Through creative endeavors and dedication, I began nurturing a haven of homeschooling, where morals, common sense, real learning and a supportive community thrive.

As I continue my Homeschooling adventure, I am committed to fostering a love for learning, creativity, and critical thinking in the hearts of young minds and ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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